By installing the DISQVR application (DISQVR) on your mobile device (the Device) you (the User) fully accept and acknowledge the following Privacy Policy.
DISQVR Apple iOS iPhone application is developed and maintained by Synthetic Horizons (

Official requests, suggestions and/or advice connected to DISQVR functionality, design, features and User Experience should be sent directly to or

Official requests connected to DISQVR Privacy Policy document (this document) should be sent to one of the e-mail addresses listed in Contacts section of this document.

Synthetic Horizons reserve the rights to amend this document further on, with an optional notice to the customers. It is the responsibility of the end user (you) to track this document changes and contents, and respond accordingly.

1. Scope of this document

DISQVR is a software program, which enables Users to find Media similar to the Likes they have listed on their Facebook Profile.

Core functions

DISQVR core function is to present Media information to the user.


A user is defined as a person that downloaded DISQVR, and installed it on his/her iPhone.

Media item (Media, further on this document)

Media is defined as a single item fitting one of the following categories: music, movies and/or books.


A Like is defined as a single Media added by the user to his/her Facebook page, and/or user’s Facebook Profile (About Me page).

Facebook profile

A Facebook Profile is defined as a page, accessible to either the public (public profile) or only to the user himself/herself (public profile with security options turned on).

DISQVR user profile (Profile, further on this document)

A Profile is defined as a set of parameters assigned to user in DISQVR MySQL database. A Profile can be accessed from within the application. A Profile is not visible to general public, and is not shared with third parties (except when special conditions apply, as explained in Disclosures section of this document).

2. Permissions request
DISQVR uses Facebook SDK to access user profile on Facebook, in order to extract data required to enable DISQVR core function.

The following permissions are granted to DISQVR:

• email;
• public_profile;
• user_birthday;
• user_friends;
• user_likes;
• user_location.

3. Profile
User Profile is a set of parameters, links and dependencies stored in DISQVR MySQL database. User Profile is used to determine links and dependencies with other Profiles. User Profile is not accessible other than by the application queries directly to the MySQL database, via the DISQVR API.

4. Data storage
DISQVR users data, Profiles data, analytics and reports are stored within the DISQVR MySQL database. Data storage is privately accessed by the application to ensure an effective implementation of DISQVR core function.

5. Disclosures
User Profile data and/or DISQVR data storage are not disclosed to third parties, except for the requests limited to:

• legal investigations into person activity on behalf of faxed or e-mailed official request due to breach of laws in the user’s country of residence;

• informational, media, analytics, science institutions and/or offices conducting research and/or seeking to acquire statistical data on behalf of faxed or e-mailed official contract with DISQVR executive board.

General inquiries

Contracts and sales

Executive board

Facebook SDK usage


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